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Repurposing Legacy Data: Innovative Case Studies takes a look at how data scientists have re-purposed legacy data, whether their own, or legacy data that has.
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These companies have either gone bankrupt, merged, or still exist but have fallen from the top Fortune companies. Most of the companies on the list in are unrecognizable, forgotten companies today. As the life expectancies of companies continue to shrink, organisations must be more vigilant than ever in remaining innovative and future-proofing their businesses.

Home movie and video game rental services giant, Blockbuster Video, was founded in and arguably one of the most iconic brands in the video rental space. At its peak in , Blockbuster employed 84, people worldwide and had 9, stores. Unable to transition towards a digital model, Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy in The Blockbuster CEO, was not interested in the offer because he thought it was a "very small niche business" and it was losing money at the time. As of July , Netflix had Founded in , Polaroid is best known for its Polaroid instant film and cameras.

Despite its early success in capturing a market that had few competitors, Polaroid was unable to anticipate the impact that digital cameras would have on its film business. The original Polaroid Corporation was declared bankrupt in and its brand and assets were sold off.

In May , the brand and intellectual property of the Polaroid corporation was acquired by the largest shareholder of the Impossible Project, which had originally started out in by producing new instant films for Polaroid cameras Impossible Project was renamed Polaroid Originals in September With the benefit of hindsight, Toys "R" Us may have led to its own undoing when it signed a year contract to be the exclusive vendor of toys on Amazon in Amazon began to allow other toy vendors to sell on its site in spite of the deal, and Toys "R" Us sued Amazon to end the agreement in As a result, Toys "R" Us missed the opportunity to develop its own e-commerce presence early on.

The company was known as an industry innovator and was the first airline to offer computerised reservation systems and jumbo jets. The downfall of Pan Am is attributed to was a combination of corporate mismanagement, government indifference to protecting its prime international carrier, and flawed regulatory policy. By over-investing in its existing business model and not investing in future, horizon 3, innovations, Pan Am filed for bankruptcy in Pan Am is survived only in pop culture through its iconic blue logo, which continues to be printed on purses and T-shirts and as the subject of a TV show on ABC starring Christina Ricci.

Borders was an international book and music retailer, founded by two entrepreneurial brothers while at university. With locations all around the world but mounting debt, Border was unable to transition to the new business environment of digital and online books. Its missteps included holding too much debt, opening too many stores as well as jumping into the e-reader business to late.

Borders' locations have since been purchased and repurposed by other large retailers. Discover how companies such as Airbnb, IBM, and Nike use the five key stages of design thinking to identify new product and service opportunities and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Download Guide. Although short-lived, Pets. Most of the data stored worldwide is legacy data—data created some time in the past, for a particular purpose, and left in obsolete formats. As with keepsakes in an attic, we retain this information thinking it may have value in the future, though we have no current use for it.

The case studies in this book, from such diverse fields as cosmology, quantum physics, high-energy physics, microbiology, psychiatry, medicine, and hospital administration, all serve to demonstrate how innovative people draw value from legacy data. By following the case examples, readers will learn how legacy data is restored, merged, and analyzed for purposes that were never imagined by the original data creators.

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Biomedical Informatics. Andreas Holzinger. Biomedical Engineering. Sang C. Chemoinformatics for Drug Discovery. Brenda Gallegos. Fundamentals of Predictive Text Mining.

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Sholom M. Methods, Models, and Computation for Medical Informatics. Aryya Gangopadhyay. Data Mining for Geoinformatics. Nigel Waters.

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Innovative Case Studies

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Repurposing Legacy Data

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