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Log in now or Create an account. April 06, Overall rating. Reader reviewed by Julie I enjoyed reading Cut and would definitely recommend it to others. Report this review Comments 0 Was this review helpful to you? February 24, Reader reviewed by Meghan W. January 03, Reader reviewed by Cassandra Hall "Some" people think this book was "anticlimatic" but I thought it was amazing. Maybe its because I can relate, thats what made it so great, but I dont think so. I think the thing that made it so great is that it was so realistic. Just because a problem may seem little to you it might seem like the world is ending to someone else and cutting, though its a bad way to handle stress, seems like the only way to handle it.

Callie comes to that realization and she gets better. A Little dark and depressing. December 16, Reader reviewed by Dede Cut is about 15 year old Callie, who is in a "loony bin" and at the beginning of the book, chooses not to speak to anyone.

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Not the other girls, not the group leaders, not her therapist or her mother or brother when they come to visit. She is a teen who cuts herself to feel better and escape other kinds of pain. The book is pretty depressing at first but lightens up.

You are not told right away what it is that is so painful for her that she needs to cut. When I read what it was that caused her to cut herself, I thought it was a pretty weak reason. Maybe that is the books way of conveying that it can happen to anyone. I understood her guilt, her reasons for being quiet and all, but when I found out why, it was a bit anticlimatic for me. It is a good issue to be dealt with, as I hear alot of teens cut themselves. The book seemed to try too hard at the end and it showed.

It became too simple, too easy. Speak Up. September 19, Reader reviewed by Mary Beth Miller I think anyone who has something to say but cant't say it will identify with Callie.

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  • Princess Callie and the Fantastic Fire-Breathing Dragon by Daisy Piper.
  • After her school nurse finds cuts on her arms Callie is sent to Sea Pines, a clinic for girls who have "issues". As Callie trys to fit in with her group, she learns more about herself than she could've ever imagined.

    I fully reccomend this book and I plan to read it over and over again. Deep and Satisfying. October 19, Reader reviewed by Bettina Callie is a girl with a problem. Whenever she's anxious or not feeling too good, she cuts herself to escape in the pain, which her brain now associates with being set free. She wasn't always like this, but after her problem got to bad to control, she was sent to Sea Pines, a facility for helping girls with problems. As the story goes on, the reader is emotionally attached to Callie and shares her experience.

    We learn what actually happened and why Callie started to cut herself. Through the amazing journey of healing, the author delivers a powerful story of guilt and recovery. This is an amazing story. As said above, the author knows how to make the reader connect with Callie. She is so believable.

    Also, the author helps us to understand what is really going on in people's minds like Callie. We learn not to look down on people like her and to help them on their way of healing and recovery. Cut actually helps you understand. September 22, Reader reviewed by Sid Day What makes cut so close to home for so many is that its real. The characters may be fictional but the problem the main girl goes through is as real as anything. If you yourself havent been a cutter then you know someone that has.

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    • This book actually makes people think and realise cutting is a serious problem amoung todays youth. Patricia actually made me personally realise what a huge problem this is and made me wanna do something ,even if its just listening to my friends problems. This book is a pretty good book. August 25, Reader reviewed by mayu This book was about a girl named callie and what she goes through in a institution tring to stop from cutting herself and what she learns in order to get better. I liked this book alot i believe many would enjoy this book as i did.

      It told a story that many people do not want to hear and the struggle of what many adolescent go through when they blame themselfves of all the bad things thats happining around them. A Striking Debut. August 13, Reader reviewed by Stephanie At Sick Minds a. As your child's imagination expands with 12 toy figurines and a giant playmat. They bring new versions of old favorites to life with fantastic songs about classics shows. In this exciting all new volume of Story Time Theater. Living TV Kids was the name of the children's block on the British television channel Living TV between — or — , broadcasting from , to Welcome to a wonderful world of family fun with this Fantastic collection of children's titles from Universal Pictures Video.

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