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Sir John Berry Hobbs (16 December – 21 December ), always known as Jack Hobbs, was an English professional cricketer who played for Surrey from to and for England in 61 Test . After a winter of practice, Hobbs displayed greater consistency in Displaying a wider range of shots, he scored.
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We continue to venerate Grace and Bradman, but to many modern cricket fans, Hobbs is just a name. Bradman scored his first century in competitive cricket aged 12 and his first triple century at More recently Sachin Tendulkar scored a century on his first-class debut aged Hobbs, by contrast, was 18 before he scored his first century, 20 when given a contract by Surrey, and 22 when he first actually played for them. But Hobbs arrived at a difficult time for batsmen.

The classical Victorian batsmen were found out by these new wiles, but Hobbs adapted his game and mastered his own art. Hobbs was incensed - it extended the tour by three weeks and there would be no extra pay.

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The professionals put their feet down and insisted on returning home. To some at the MCC, this was tantamount to Bolshevism.

Jack Hobbs - The World-Famous Cricketer (1932)

McKinstry makes his sympathies clear. Hobbs, in his gentle rectitude, had far more decency than the overbearing amateur [Archie] MacLaren, who might have been upright in his batting stance but was not in his personal life, leaving a trail of debts and aggravation behind him. Gradually, then, a portrait builds up of a very British type of hero: stoical, good-humoured and brave, but also shy and surprisingly physically fragile.

On the long journeys to Australia, Hobbs suffered from seasickness and rarely left his cabin. Migraines were just another factor in his occasional bouts of exhaustion. And he always has an eye for the telling detail. And all this without ever receiving professional coaching. Figures may not reflect the fascinating visual pleasure that the batting of Hobbs offered, but they do underline the undisputed greatness. Hobbs scored 61, runs at In 61 Tests, he amassed 5, runs at Given that a major part of his career was spent during the first two decades of the century, with unpredictable wickets which had not yet undergone standardisation, the numbers are remarkable — more so because 2, of these runs at A brilliant cover-point in his prime, Hobbs was also a supreme runner between the wickets.

Jack Hobbs England's Greatest Cricketer

With Herbert Sutcliffe he formed perhaps the greatest ever opening partnership witnessed in the game. Their partnership tally read 3, runs at a Being a professional cricketer, he never led England.

But his sound judgement added to the plot of many success stories of the team in the latter years. Hobbs is the typical Englishman of legend.