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Field Manual FM (FM ) Long-Range Surveillance Unit Operations June [United States Government US Army] on *FREE*.
Table of contents

In addition, many of the subjects covered should be a ready and useful reference for other branches of the US Army and US military, and for multinational forces working in a joint environment. It also provides the doctrine for LRSU to use in combat training and combat. It establishes a common base of tactical knowledge from which leaders can develop specific solutions to LRSU tactical problems. It increases the effectiveness of LRSU operations by also providing doctrinal principles and selected battlefield-proven tactics, techniques, and procedures TTPs.

Before leaders can use this manual to develop and execute training for, and to plan, coordinate, and execute LRS missions, they must first know FM C-1 Fixed Site C-1 Field Site D-1 Jungle Operations D-1 Desert Operations D-1 Mountain Operations D-2 Cold Weather Operations E -1 Branches and Sequels E-1 Contingency Plan Matrix G -1 Surface Sites G-1 Hasty Subsurface Sites G-3 Finished Subsurface Site G-4 Site Selection G-7 Leader Reconnaissance G-7 Occupation of Hide Site G-7 Actions in Hide Site G-9 Priority of Work G Site Sterilization H-1 Break Contact H-1 React to Air Attack H-6 React to Indirect Fire H-7 React to Flares H-7 Break from Hide or Surveillance Site I-1 Concepts of Tracking I-1 Organization of Tracking Team I-6 Tracker and Dog Team J -1 Night Vision J-5 Smell J-6 Fatigue J-6 Selection of Route J-7 Night Walking J-7 Signals J-8 Target Detection J-9 Movement Figures Figure Organization of long-range surveillance company.

Concept of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. Company operations base.

Long-Range Surveillance Unit Operations FM 7-93

Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. LRS mission-development process.

F Company 51st Long Range Surveillance Live-Fire Training

Example format for target folder Development of courses of action. Reconnaissance and surveillance elements. Fan method. Converging routes method Successive sector method.

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Example surveillance site. Example hide site. Example imagery labels.

Example imagery legend Example panoramic sketch. Example topographic sketch. Example objective sketch pad. Figure Example drawing technique: whole to part. Example drawing technique: use of common shapes to show common objects. Example drawing technique: use of perspective to represent depth.

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Example drawing technique: use of vanishing points to indicate distance. Example drawing technique: hatching. Rubber boat. Short count, long count. Rigging of snap links. Rigging of wood block. Excess cargo straps secured. Recovery line with Prusik knot Fast-rope rigging procedures for UH UH rigged for fast roping Fast-rope rigging procedures for other aircraft. Marking procedures for landing and pickup zones. Example coordination checklist. UH loading sequence.

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Example vehicle load configuration. HMMWVs in wedge formation. Automatic link sequence. Communications data wire diagram Report format. Example message header Measurement of a wavelength. Components of ground wave. Structure of ionosphere. HF skip zone and distance. Unidirectional antenna pattern.

Bidirectional antenna pattern. Omni-directional antenna pattern. Half-wave dipole antenna. Formula for calculating length of half-wave dipole antenna. Inverted "V" antenna. Long-wire antenna. Sloping wire antenna.

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Terminated sloping "V" antenna. Repair procedure, whip antenna.

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Expedient insulators. High frequency antenna, long-wire type. High frequency antenna, half-rhombic type. High frequency antenna, "V" type. Sloping antenna, "V" type. Classification of urban area by size. Example link diagram. Example association matrix. Example relationship matrix.

Example activities matrix. Example time event chart. Example pattern analysis plot sheet. Types of recovery. Example warning order. B-3 Figure B Example operations order. B-5 Figure B Example fragmentary order. B-8 Figure B Brief types.

United States Army Field Manual 7-93 Long-Range Surveillance Unit Operations.: illustrated

B-9 Figure B Analysis of mission, intent, and priority intelligence requirements B Figure B Analysis of specified and implied tasks. Analysis of facts. Analysis of assumptions. Analysis of mission roadblocks, issues, and restated mission. Example backbrief. Slide 1, LRSC mission concept brief. Slide 2, statement of purpose.