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Apollon or Apollo was a god in Greek mythology, and one of the Twelve Olympians. He was the son of Zeus and Leto and the twin brother of Artemis. He was the.
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Eventually, all of the gods save Apollo lost hope, and " spread themselves upon the wings of the wind Apollo claimed this was not death, at least, not as Humans understood it. But clearly, those who had departed in this fashion were beyond returning. Only Apollo was confident that mankind would one day leave Earth, and find the gods again. And when it happened, he planned to "restore the proper order" — to restore man to a worshipful species, provided for and loved by a new race of gods, fathered by him He needed a wife to accomplish this task, and so chose Carolyn to be his queen based on her beauty and intelligence.

This, unfortunately for Apollo, was a state of affairs unacceptable to men. James T.

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Kirk and his landing party schemed continuously; between them, and members of the crew still in orbit , they were eventually able to overcome Apollo, and destroy the source of his power. With his temple gone and his power broken, Apollo spread himself upon the wind, imploring his fellow gods to take him, and vanished. Apollo, at various times, demonstrated command of an enormous reservoir of energy that he could evidently direct by acts of will. He was able to generate a powerful force field that caught and held the Enterprise , and resisted most attempts to break and disrupt it. On approach to the planet, the ship encountered what appeared, visually, to be an enormous, translucent, green Human hand.

In fact, it was a force field, conventional in composition but on unusual wavelengths, generated by Apollo.

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This field was powerful enough to stop the ship, and impulse engines could not break the ship free. Attempts to push it away with the tractor beam , and to reverse its polarity were equally unsuccessful in disrupting it. In addition to merely holding the ship, Apollo could exert pressure beyond the ship's tolerance, and in this fashion, threaten the ship. Spock was eventually able to pierce the field with powerful bursts of M-rays on carefully calculated wavelengths.

Although this did not destroy the field, it enabled the Enterprise to fire her phasers. Prior to in the alternate reality , it had been speculated that the USS Franklin 's disappearance was possibly the result of an encounter with "a giant, green space hand" possibly being that of Apollo.

Star Trek Beyond. Apollo could alter his physical form and the forms of material objects in his vicinity. He could hurl lightning -like energy bolts, interfere with Federation technology , transform Starfleet uniforms into ancient Greek clothing by simply waving his hand, transport himself and others from place to place, and alter the weather at least locally.

His senses extended great distances; while on the surface of his world, he was able to sense happenings on the bridge of the Enterprise and project his image and voice into her equipment for the purpose of conversation. Apollo at one point claimed he could wipe out a man with a gesture, and bring him back again as easily.

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But he never demonstrated this particular ability. Apollo sees the sign for the monster enclosure and they switch to head for it. He notches an arrow and hits the lever. They wind up in the enclosure and find the griffins and others locked behind plexiglass partitions. They find the button to open the griffin enclosure and enter.

Apollo realizes that the female griffin, Heloise , is about to lay an egg.

He and Calypso sing an ancient song Zeus and Leto sang to him and Artemis when they were younger, this brought tears to the former god's eyes. He feeds the male griffin, Abelard , while Calypso feeds Heloise. Lityerses then appears behind them, as he is about to kill the two of them, Meg McCaffrey arrived and blocked his attack then orders him to leave.

He mounts the Abelard and takes off, but not before firing an arrow at the control box releasing the other monsters. He pulled Meg onto Abelard and Calypso forced the net above them out of the way. The two former immortals were astonished by this act and he embraces his demigod master as they fly back toward the Waystation. The three arrive at the Waystation. While Leo and Josephine take Calypso to the infirmity, Apollo and Meg talk with each other before Emmie informs them that the net goddess wants to speak with them.

She informs them that Calypso's magic is her doing, much to the anger of Apollo and the recently returning Leo. Britomatris then tells them that Apollo will either succeed in his quest for Trophonius or be executed. She tells them where the entrance to Commodus' palace is and to avoid it.

She tells Apollo to take Leo and Meg and go along the waterway to get into the palace.

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The goddess then leaves and Meg shouts Commodus' name at the top of her lungs, sparking Apollo to remember a time when he killed Commodus. He reminisces of the time he drowned and betrayed Commodus when he was disguised as his personal trainer, Narcissus , that flashback forces him to throw up in the toilet. Josephine comes in and talks with him about making past mistakes and moving on from them, as well as using life to benefit others. He spent the afternoon aiding Heloise in laying her egg. When Apollo, Leo, and Meg headed for Canal Walk , Josephine gave him a tracking device to wearing so he can send reinforcements when they find Georgie.

They take a peddle boat to find the secret entrance where Apollo tells them he killed Commodus. They see it as something he had to do and Meg tells them she met him and the western emperor, who, along with Nero, is keeping him in check in the center of the country. They soon spot a monster under the surf and proceed with caution. A little further down they find the entrance but are attacked by the Carthaginian Serpent and abandon ship. Meg manages to blind it in one eye before it is about to crunch her as it did to their pedal boat.

Apollo notices bricks from a nearby condominium coming to lose and shouted to collapse it on the serpent, killing it and freeing Meg before the gate Leo opened closed again.

They wade through the water until they find an alcove to get out and dry off. Meg thanks Apollo for saving her and theorized that his powers return temporarily to help others in life or death situations. They continue and wind up in the throne room, just behind Commodus. He orders Lityerses to destroy the Waystation by tomorrow morning.

After the swordsman and others leave for the entrance he tells a guard, Alaric , to have Lit killed when he returned and puts him in charge of destroying the Waystation by tomorrow afternoon. The three exit and devise a plan of action. They wander around until they find where the prisoners are kept.

After Meg and Leo take out the guard and open the door, Apollo is appalled by this and the three free the slaves. They find Georgie and free her before she comes running up to Apollo. He tells Leo to take the prisoners and head for the Waystation while he and Meg search for Throne of Memory. They eventually find the throne behind metal doors, which he unlocks with sulfuric acid, water, and baking soda.

He straps the throne to his back and they head out of the compound. Meg synced a familiar presence and headed towards an empty chamber, which was revealed to be the stadium for the Indianapolis Colts. Commodus then revealed that this was only the rehearsal for the naming ceremony. After unleashing monsters, animals, and mercenaries onto the field, Meg jumped on a combat ostrich and rid for the god emperor while Apollo took his place on an elephant named Livia. Commodus ordered the fighting to stop before revealing a bound Peaches suspended in the air.

As Commodus prepares to kill Peaches by setting him on fire, Apollo rides Livia onto the track to block Commodus' car. He cut off the helmet Livia was wearing and the elephant flung it at the god emperor, causing him to swerve off the track and roll and crash on the field while Meg freed Peaches.

The god emperor reveals that he killed Livia's mate so that she would fight.

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Lityerses returned to inform Commodus that the Hunters of Artemis have attacked the gate and took out ten guards before retreating. Commodus orders Apollo, Meg, and Peaches to be locked up until the real naming ceremony tomorrow and was about to kill Lityerses before the roof exploded. Leo, Festus, and the Hunters of Artemis arrive and fend of Triumvirate's forces.

When they stopped to free the elephant from her armor Thalia told him that their father had forbidden Artemis from assisting him, but they were close by on other business and decided to help. Apollo wondered what else his sister was keeping from him, the three headed for the Waystation. The three returned to the Waystation with habitat for Livia. They head to the main hall where they find everyone taking care of the released prisoners. As Emmie and Josephine sit Georgie on the throne she relays a message from Trophonius telling Apollo and Meg to go to his cave at first light so that his or Commodus' prophecy will come true.

Georgie then becomes faint and passes out, but not before saying she was his daughter.

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Emmie was enraged by this and demanded Apollo to fix her daughter. He says he can not but she might be okay. After wondering what the part about the emperor meant, Literyses says that Commodus knows where the Waystation is and will attack in the morning.

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After Emmie stops the residents from killing Lit, she gives a speech with Apollo chiming in occasionally. As the Waystation prep airs for battle, Apollo is concerned for everyone's safety during the battle. After dinner, Emmie asks him if he sent Georgie to punish her, which he denies. After struggling to get to sleep he had a conversation with Olujime , one of the freed prisoners.